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Gain an appreciation for the structure of music without having to learn the theory of music. You can play with quality and certainly with style and pizzazz without the gruelling rituals of a classical education in music. I have played well and with heaps of enjoyment and recognition throughout my musical journey over the past 50+ years with the simple tools derived from following the structure of music with your ear and good muscle memory which to me are key ingredients to musical success.  At my workshops folks have been able to play both strumming and fingerpicking techniques in one session that they would otherwise take years to accomplish with music theory and I promise to give you a learning experience that will develop your musical talents more than you have ever dreamed of and you will never play your ukulele in the same old normal way ever again. I was normal once and I'm sure it was the worst two minutes of my life - join me at a festival workshop somewhere around the world and I show you how its done with just pure simple muscle memory and simple music structure and no complex music theory - the pleasure of playing uke the way it ought to be; simple & enjoyable even at the most sophisticated level. 

PLAY THE uke with style & pizzazz
learn how simple the elements really are


Put colour & texture into your playing style


Performances & Workshops

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Sing'n Uke

Before you can achieve your goal of performing with your ukulele as your only accompaniment, you'll need to add some of the 50 playing elements to your style to give your performance an entertainment value, that includes texture, colour and personal pizzazz; then you're off on your musical journey to enjoyment and success with confidence - I'll help you get there, in just one workshop...

You can help get me closer to you, ask your local festival organiser to book me at your festival for both performances (so you can see exactly what you'll learn) and for any number of my valuable workshops, from basics to seriously enjoyable techniques.

Like the following, or a unique blend for your own uke club:

  • Alternate Strumming Techniques
  • Fingerpicking Fundamentals
  • Performance Readiness with Style & Pizzazz
  • Nothing but the Blues, Boogie & Ragtime
  • Alternate Tunings with Bottleneck & Slide
  • Playing in the Traditional Folk & Blues Styles